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Pre-Dental Hygiene

Two-Year Transfer Program

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences provides a two-year professional program in dental hygiene. Although University of Louisiana at Lafayette does not award degrees in dental hygiene, we provide you with the instruction and practice you will need to move forward. In the state of Louisiana, Louisiana State University Health Science Center (LSUHSC) School of Dentistry and UL Monroe offer a BS degree program in this field.

The curriculum is designed specifically for students who wish to complete the required coursework at UL Lafayette and then transfer to a BS degree program for clinical training. An advisor is available to assist students with course scheduling while at UL Lafayette. Information about admission requirements and procedures for the LSU Health Science Center School of Dentistry must be obtained from LSU Health Science Center School of Dentistry. A student preparing to transfer to some other out of state or UL Monroe dental hygiene program should obtain detailed information from the other institution and consult with their advisor to plan an appropriate course of study.

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